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Digging Barnaby

April 1, 2012

So I think if the current pace and atmosphere is maintained, Barnaby Rudge could quickly become my favorite Dickens novel. I am so glad the number of characters is being held in check and that Dickens is not slowly producing action atop a slowly built and meandering base.

Also: an idiot, a fallen woman, a fallen house, a mansion, the threat of a duel, unwanted courtships potentially leading to violence, a personification of evil running around and even holding people hostage. Faulkner, is that you in there? “The stranger” feels like something between Popeye from Sanctuary and McCarthy’s The Judge. At one point, I thought the stranger might actually shoot the raven. Then I remembered that I wasn’t reading Blood Meridian. Oh well, I am seriously enjoying this one.


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  1. I too was thrilled that Dickens kept the characters to a manageable amount. It’s easier for me to get invested.

  2. I agree; I think that this is going to be my favorite book as well. Have fun reading.

  3. Definitely Faulkner-esque! If only Barnaby narrated…

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