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A Brief Tale of Two Cities Thought

February 16, 2012

Far and away, Madame Defarge is my favorite thing about this novel. I think she is one of the strongest characters we’ve seen so far. She looms like a shadow. She’s a rock. Or a shadowy rock… or the shadow of a rock. A monolith, yeah. Anyway, her and her knitting have seized my imagination. I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but her knitting is yet another text within the text. I’m also thinking of the tale… maybe it’s in Ovid or Marie de France, I can’t remember… where the heroine is raped by her brother in-law, who also cuts out her tongue, yet she is albe to weave her tragic story into a tapestry. I like the classical and stereotypical female pass-time being turned into a means of power… a power that ultimately seals the fates of others (mainly men).

The theme of texts within texts is high in the running for first research topic. As I also really like the idea of texts that are lists (fictional lists of fictional things). I’m getting all kinds of Borgesian vibes (my favorite kind of vibe) from Dickens these days. This is more than likely me reading into Dickens what I want to read, but I think that’s half the fun of reading.


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  1. I’m with you. I read Dickens as I want to read him and see there what I want to see there–his books are my books. And perhaps this is as it should be–the best way to read, the kind of reading that spins us into a new plane that is of our own devising/design. A research project about texts within texts–so cool.

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