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Casting: Edwin Drood

January 27, 2012

Edwin:Ben Wishaw. Because he was absolute genius as John Keats in Bright Star and sufficiently strange in Perfume.

Jasper:Michael Fassbender. He was great as Rochester in the most recent Jane Eyre, powerful as Bobby Sands in Hunger, and proved himself creepily perfect for this role in Fish Tank (total creeper in that one).

Rosa:Carey Mulligan. Because, well, she’s just too cute.

Helena:Abbie Cornish. Played Fannie Brawn opposite Wishaw in Bright Stars. I’d like to see this change in dynamics. Plus, I feel she could pull of the darker element.

Neville:Casey Affleck. Supremely brash but awkward as Robert Ford in The Assassination of Jesse James. An unsung genius, really.

Durdles:John Hurt. ‘Cos, John Hurt should be in every movie.

Rev. Crisparkle:Daniel Day-Lewis. More genius power. Plus, the man grows a mean ‘stache.

I’m drawing a blank for most of the more minor characters. If I think of anyone, I will update.


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  1. Great choice of Daniel Day Lewis for Crisparkle. I love that idea!

  2. I too chose Carey Mulligan for Rosa Bud. I posted my casting list before I read anyone else’s list. Daniel Day-Lewis for Septimus Crisparkles is a brilliant choice. I am a huge Daniel Day-Lewis fan, but was not thinking of him as a cast member. Great chioces!

  3. John Hurt as Durdles–perfect. Casey Affleck as Neville–would have never gone there, but I can see it now.

  4. Love Michael Fassbender so I must commend you on your choice of him for Jasper. I also like your casting Casey Affleck as Neville. Wouldn’t have thunk it but I after thunking it, it works!

  5. I would have never thought about Casey Affleck as Neville, but it sounds good.Great job.

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