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Web Writing Style = Sigh of Relief for My Electronic Lungs

January 17, 2012

And then I became very honest and said: I’m a rather stuffy, boorish curmudgeon, well beyond my years, and it can be most unbecoming.

Also, I’m generally terrified of things I do not immediately grasp.


The piece on Writing Spaces gives me a little peace of mind. Good God, there are still rules! Hurray, rules! This is good, very good. Because, I’m one of those people (yes, those people)who is more than ready to blame the Internet for the rampant idiocy in our societal present. However,I did not need to read Web Writing Style to know that I’m being reactionary in my outbursts. Like I said, I am curmudgeonly and frightened. What I have gotten, so far, from the piece is a nice reminder that I need to calm the heck down. I really like the point that the “blogosphere” etc creates a giant information community… A sort of Borgesian Library of Babel that goes on forever and contains every possible variation of language and therefore all works and all meaning. It’s an exciting thought. So, I hope to continue to learn, to push and be pushed out into the unending expanse of literary ether we call the web.

Not that I’m not still scared, because I’m still way outside of my comfort zone, but venturing beyond one’s “safe place” is exhilarating. And not knowing what’s going on can be a lot of fun. So, here we go.


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  1. Great post! I agree, rules are a good thing and provided comfort to me as well. I am still (even after a semester) trying to adjust to blogging. It is fun, but certainly can be stressful at times.

  2. Yes, rules are a nice safety blanket. Plus you have to know them to sufficiently break them, right?

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